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Welcome to Metroplex Health and Nutrition Services. At Metroplex, we assist and educate our clients to understand the cause and prevention of lifestyle-related diseases. We recognize that while maintaining good health is challenging, it is more sensible than trying to reclaim it. Simply put, "prevention is better than cure." So, we encourage you to live vibrantly by nourishing your body, by honoring yourself, and by living your best life.

Keeping in step with our mission, we continue to provide consultations to corporations, government and academic institutions that continue to seek our expertise and research. We also extend our services in the following areas:

• Health Evaluation, Assessment and Maintenance including
HIV/AIDS, Diabetes and Hypertension
• Material/Manual or Workbook Development
• Technical Assistance/Training
• Media Presentations/Public Speaking
• Applied Research and Evaluation
• Consulting Nutritionists for Dieticians for Short or Long-term Assignments

Our expertise includes:
• Advocacy and Policy Development
• Development of Technical Manuals and Educational Materials
• Health Education and Promotion
• Environmental Health and Safety Coordination
• Intervention Design and Materials Development
• Program Design, Monitoring, Surveillance and Evaluation
• Health and Environmental Impact Assessment
• Risk Assessment
• Quality Assurance
• Curricula Development



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